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Servicing & Landlord Checks

Water treatment and power flushing

The majority of Central Heating System faults and breakdowns we attend can be traced back to being caused by ‘Sludge’ or ‘Scale’. Most of us will have removed a radiator at some time to decorate and when emptying the water from it noticed it is black. This is magnetite and in simple terms is the system corroding internally. When the central heating is working a sign of magnetite build up is cold spots at the bottom of the radiator. This can result in up to a 50% reduction in efficiency.

We attend to numerous breakdowns where pumps, zone valves, diverter valves have failed and in the majority of cases these are full of sludge when replaced. A Powerflush and correct dosing with inhibitor can restore the system to maximum efficiency and save you hundreds of pounds on fuel bills.

The installation of a magnetic filter (Fernox TF1 or Magnaclean) at the same time as a powerflush is very effective for future protection. We can offer a TF1 for £120.00 if installed at the same time as the system is flushed. Our engineers have been trained by Kamco to ensure that your system is correctly cleansed using their latest powerful machines and chemicals and then Fernox inhibitor added for ongoing protection. A powerflush by one or our engineers can be carried out in one day with prices starting at £480.00 for a system with up to 12 radiators.

Desacling your boilers

Scale is another major problem and particularly with ‘Combi’ boilers installed in hard water areas. The domestic hot water heat exchanger (often called a plate to plate heat exchanger) in a ‘Combi’ is prone to scaling up and often shows in the water not getting as hot as it did or fluctuating between hot and cold.

We can descale these heat exchangers then protect the boiler by installing a Sentinel Sesi inline scale reducer or for whole house protection fit a NO CALC unit on the cold main where it enters the house. A NO CALC limescale inhibitor can be supplied and fitted from £325.00 depending on access to the cold mains supply.

Landlord Checks

We carry out landlords gas safety checks for individual landlords and various local estate/letting agents including Archers, Cedar properties and First Fields.

Landlords Certificates can be incorporated into our service care plans for an additional £1.00 per month (Boiler only). Professional computer based certificates produced which are normally emailed to landlords and tenants but can be printed where necessary. Full service of appliances included in our prices (as per pricing page) but we can offer a fixed price minimum check only service from £54.00 including VAT (please contact us for details).