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Reduce Your Bills

Did you realise that 60% of your annual household fuel cost is the heating of your home?

Simply upgrading your Room thermostat can save up to 40% on your fuel bill.

Save up to 10%

A simple digital room thermostat (such as a Honeywell DT90e) as a straight replacement can save between 5% and 10% on your heating bill for an initial outlay of less than £100.00.

Save up to 20%

A programmable room thermostat (such as a Honeywell CM907) that allows you to set the times and temperature demands of your central heating can increase the savings to around 15%-20%.

Save up to 26%

The latest innovation to hit the market is the learning smart thermostat such as the Nest or Tado. These allow you to control your heating via a mobile phone or tablet and also learns how you use your heating, switching on and off accordingly to maximise savings. The average saving with a Tado thermostat is 26%. We can supply and fit a Tado for £258.80 including VAT.

Save up to 40%

The ultimate in total control of your heating is the Honeywell Evohome system. This allows each room to be individually controlled for both time and temperature. Rooms not in use are not heated and this system can save you up to 40% on your heating bills. A typical Evohome Installation to a system of a combi boiler and 8 radiators would cost around £1000.00.

We are authorised Honeywell, Tado and Nest installers and would be pleased to discuss your individual needs.